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British Open 2018: Twitter can't get enough of Tom Lehman rocking a backwards hat at Carnoustie

Tom Lehman is a savvy cat. He's been doing this pro golf thing since 1983 and, as a former Open Champion, is certainly no stranger to the dark arts of links golf. So on Friday morning, as some much-needed rain rolled through Carnoustie, the 59-year-old Lehman decided to flip his hat backwards in an effort to take the water dripping off his brim out of play. No big deal, right? Wrong. This is 2018, Tom. The internet sees everything:

We're sure the Carnoustie No Fun Police are already on the case, but it won't bother Tommy Boy any. He's going on 60 years old and about to make the cut. If he shows up to the range in joggers and Vans tomorrow, he'll have earned the right, dammit.