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British Open 2018: Fellow tour pro claims Francesco Molinari has the most mundane retirement plan ever

147th Open Championship - Final Round

Stuart Franklin

Playing golf for a living is a great gig, especially when you are as good at it as Francesco Molinari. Even before what's become a career year in 2018 for the 35-year-old from Italy, he had already amassed over $7 million in career earnings on the PGA Tour. Add in his earnings from a European Tour career that's included five wins and it's a pretty decent chunk of change, apparently decent enough for Molinari to consider early retirement, according to a fellow tour pro.

When it was clear Italian was going to be hoisting the claret jug, Wesley Bryan tweeted out some notes he had been sitting on for some time regarding Molinari's early retirement plans. According to Bryan, these are direct quotes from the new Champion Golfer of the Year from when the two played together at an event in China earlier this season, and they are so hilariously mundane we can't help but respect them:

It's not surprising that Bryan, a trick-shot artist turned PGA Tour winner that knows how to work social media, was astute enough to jot these down when Molinari mentioned them, and we're glad he did. It's quite the interesting look into Molinari's thought process before this breakout year that now features his first-career PGA Tour win and his first major. Had he had enough of the grind or did he know that he was on the verge of a huge season and he could hang it up earlier than he expected?

Whichever it is, something tells us the Twitter trolling, internet-surfing, heavy caffeine intaking and book-reading may be put on hold for a few more years. Or, he may be able to get a head start with another huge check in the bank. Don't be surprised if you recognize the 5-foot-8 Italian sitting behind a laptop and chuckling to himself as he scrolls Twitter the next time you're waiting in line for a Venti vanilla-chai-whatever-the-hell at Starbucks.