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Brian Harman can only laugh about the all-time bad prediction he made about a young Hideki Matsuyama

January 10, 2024

Kevin C. Cox

For the record, Brian Harman has never declared himself to be any sort of professional talent scout. He's a professional golfer, and a darned good one as evidenced by the claret jug he has at home. But when it came to making an assessment of a fellow future major champ, Harman is happy to admit that he completely whiffed.

The reigning Champion Golfer of the Year told a funny story on Tuesday about making his PGA Tour debut at the 2012 Sony Open—and not being impressed with another young golfer.

"I have a funny anecdote from that week. Playing with Matt Every, one of the funniest guys. There is always a couple sponsor exemptions, so we're playing with this kid, and Matt and I, he's very nervous and there is photographers all over the place," Harman says. "He dribbled a couple off the tee boxes and Matt and I made the comment, don't think this kid's got it. Don't think this guy is gonna make it: Hideki Matsuyama."

Yep, that Hideki Matsuyama. You know, the guy with eight PGA Tour wins and a green jacket in his closet.

"Yeah, so Matt and I would joke about that," Harman continued. "Yeah, we missed on that one."

You don't say? Although, again, to be fair to Brian, you don't see a lot of topped tee shots at PGA Tour events. But still, that's an all-time bad sports prediction.

"I don't think I've ever talked to Hideki about it," Harman added. "Matt and I talk about it all the time. Win some, you lose some."

Yep, that's how it goes in the prediction game. It's tough out there. Speaking of which, here are our picks to win this week's Sony Open. Considering none of our experts are taking Brian Harman, hopefully for his sake our guys are just as wrong as he was a dozen years ago.