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Marcus Foligno attempts superman punch in fight, narrowly misses ending Brenden Dillon's life

Despite many pleas to remove fighting from the sport, gloves still drop in the NHL on a nightly basis. Yes, even in games that don't involve the New York Rangers and Washington Capitals.

As barbaric as these scraps can sometimes be, they still pack quite an entertainment punch, no pun intended, for fans both in the arena and on the couch. Do they always live up to the hype? Not really, but in the rare instances when they do, they are often the most exhilirating moments of the game, outside of an odd-man rush. 

File the Marcus Foligno-Brenden Dillon bout from Tuesday night's Minnesota Wild-Winnipeg Jets game as one that absolutely lived up to the hype. It was a true heavyweight battle, and it began with Foligno attempting a superman punch that Dillon narrowly dodged, allowing him to quite literally live to fight another day:

Sheesh, that was a close one. If Foligno connects there, I'm not sure how Dillon stays on his feet. Cat-like reflexes by Dillon to dodge that one. 

As for the rest of the fight, both guys connected a handful of times, making for a rather even tussle. 

Foligno, despite whiffing on the superman punch, still got the last laugh, scoring late in the third period to cut the Jets' lead to 5-4. The Wild then went on to tie it, then win it in OT, improving their record to 2-0-0 while the Jets fell to 0-2-0.