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Brandon Stone has the perfect solution for slow play

Of the seemingly three trillion hot-button issues facing golf weekend in, weekend out—from flagsticks to distance to political discourse—slow play is the big, lumbering grandaddy of them all. Emphasized recently by the reemergence of Keegan Bradley and a win from biped tortoise J.B. Holmes at Riviera, the issue is poised to rage on through majors season, when play can grind to even more glacial levels. Thankfully, however, European Tour pro Brandon Stone has developed a new (and actually fun) way to keep himself busy while waiting for the group ahead him to mark their three-foot gimmes for bogey:

Juggling, tricks, and other assorted tomfoolery (as slow-play defenders might call it) typically reserved the 'gram. Check out what cameras caught him doing at the Indian Open yesterday and try to tell us this doesn't bring at least a modicum of excitement to the time-honored tee-box backup.

Sure, it's not as thrilling as, say, the Tour turning Brooks Koepka and Adam Scott loose with bullhorns and hammers to doll out some good ol' fashioned justice, but it's still pretty impressive stuff from Stone, who gets in some classic side-saddle, between-the-legs, and even behind-the-back action, before capping the routine with the ultimate crowd pleaser: The pocket catch.

Unfortunately for Stone, elsewhere on the course he's having a pretty rough week, missing the cut at +2 on Friday. Then again, with bunkers like this guarding the DLF Glf & Country Club greens, we can't say we blame him.