124th U.S. Open

Pinehurst No. 2

Big Bad Brad

Tampa Bay Buccaneers legend Brad Johnson is the most dominant H.O.R.S.E force on earth

Wednesday was a tough morning for basketball fans. Hours after a historic Kevin Durant performance in Game 5 against the Bucks, the world woke up to news that both Chris Paul (COVID-19 protocol) and Kawhi Leonard (knee injury) were out indefinitely, reducing the Western Conference star power to, um, Playoff P and some guy from Utah. There is one man, however, who could yet turn the tides of fortune and save one of these eternally cursed franchises from blowing yet another championship opportunity.

That man is former Tampa Bay Buccaneers stud and Super Bowl XXXVII champ Brad “BigBadBrad14” Johnson.

The world is wide and its depths of random talent bottomless. There’s probably some eight-year-old kid in Mumbai who can trick-shot Brad under the table, but right now, to the best of our knowledge, Johnson is the most dominant H.O.R.S.E force on earth. And lest you think he got lucky, that this is some one-time only flash-in-the-pan, Johnson has been posting these once or twice a week for as long we’re willing to scroll back through his feed.

Frankly incredible, especially from a Top 5 Worst Starting Quarterback to Ever Lift a Lombardi. If you’re in the front office in Phoenix or LA this morning, you at least gotta kick the tires on this guy. But do it fast before Brooklyn, also missing Kyrie Irving to ankle injury, decides their Big Two isn’t big enough.