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Bob Does Sports makes hole-in-one during ridiculous food challenge, delivers celebration for the ages

The beauty (and curse) of being an influencer like Robby Berger is that the camera is always rolling. That means you have to be “on” 24/7/365, but the upside is that life’s most unexpectedly awesome moments never go uncaptured.

Just ask Berger, the host of Bob Does Sports and the, er, brains behind the massively popular Instagram persona @brillantlydumb. This week, Bob went out to play a round of golf with the fellas. The Bob Does Sports guys drank some dranks, cracked some jokes and tried to eat an entire bag of groceries while going 10-under over 18 holes at PGA National—nothing out of the ordinary, right? But then, without warning, the outing turned extraordinary when Bob made his first-ever hole-in-one, delivering a celebration for the ages in the aftermath. Watch it and weep leap.

Incredible scenes. Especially considering this was the “salami hole,” which meant that Bob, Fat Perez and Joey Cold Cuts had to eat an entire pack of salami before the end of the 147-yard par 3. “I’m going to take this shot and then bang salami,” said Bob in perhaps the greatest sports declaration since Babe Ruth called his home-run shot.

As the ball disappeared into the cup, the crew went wild, running and screaming like 1st graders hopped up on Pixie Sticks at recess. Bob temporarily lost all control of his extremities, tripping and falling. At one point, he downed another piece of salami, took his shirt off and then looked like he might puke. It was poetry in motion.

In the end, the boys completed their food challenge (including chugging an entire jug of orange juice in the hot Florida sun), finished at 12-under par and walked away with an ace on the scorecard. Not bad work if you can get it.