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Kevin Na pulls off daring below-the-belt trick shot involving Danny Lee during rain delay

June 06, 2024

It's been a quiet couple years for Kevin Na on LIV Golf. After finishing 30th in the individual standings last year, he's 20th so far in 2024 and his Iron Heads GC are looking at finishing in last place for a second straight season. But on Wednesday we found out Na still has some of that short-game magic that made him a five-time PGA Tour winner previously.

And that was a very good thing for Danny Lee.

During a rain delay for a practice round at the LIV Houston event, some of the guys got up to some locker room shenanigans. That included Na chipping a marshmallow into Lee's mouth:

Good times. But Na and Lee got much, much more daring with their next trick shot. Danny decided to place one of those plastic cups over his, um, private parts and let Na try to knock it off with a golf ball. Talk about a trusting teammate. Anyway, here's how it turned out:

Phew. Well done, Kevin, but hopefully the weather clears up soon in Houston before someone gets hurt.