Blind Side

The dude who got blocked a full 40 yards needs to retire from football forever

November 18, 2021

There's a scene in the movie "The Blind Side" where the actor playing Michael Oher drives a defender off the field, over the fence and into the stands, then says it was "time for him to go home." It was a highly-unrealistic, Hollywood-ized type scene, a play that would never actually happen in a real football game.

Turns out, it does actually happen in real football games. Last time we saw something similar to that scene from "The Blind Side" was 2019, when a Michigan lineman drove a Notre Dame defender to the sideline and then through the crust of the earth:

Incredibly, something very similar happened again last weekend in the FCS, though the clip of the play is just going viral late this week. It occurred in a blowout victory for Southeastern Louisiana over Northwestern State, and it was far more impressive than the Michigan lineman's block. This was a 40-yard pancake, one that should send the blockee/victim into permanent retirement:

Finish of the year and also possibly the century. And to anyone shouting "flag!" for holding, it was clearly a hands to the face by the defender. Congrats to him on getting doubly embarrassed. You can't get blocked 40 yards downfield AND get a penalty for it, but that guy managed to pull off the impossible. 

By the way, how good were his two fellow linemen hyping him the hell up down the field? 


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