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Blast Motion's latest swing analyzer will improve timing and tempo

November 12, 2019

Made by California-based Blast Motion, which is increasingly becoming a leader in swing analytics in golf, the company's latest Blast Golf sensor turns any club into a smart club with swing data, so amateurs can train with purpose. Like other game systems, slip the sensor onto the butt end of a standard grip using the appropriate attachment. At impact, the sensor analyzes your full swing or putting stroke and instantly transmits data to a mobile phone or tablet. Players can also record videos.

On full-swing shots, the mobile app records five metrics: backswing and downswing times, total swing time, swing tempo and swing speed. The device also collects 11 putting metrics such as clubface rotation, loft and lie change, stroke timing and tempo, and more. Plus, the app contains drills to improve those metrics.

Building a consistent, dependable motion through the bag, based on real data, is certain to pay dividends now and in the future.
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