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Big Sean rocks fire Tiger shirt on Hawaii vacay

January 05, 2018

Want to see the best t-shirt in the history of time, space, and probably some other concept we haven't even invented a word for yet? Well, you're in luck, fellow dude with a Leaning Tower of Pisa of ridiculous graphic tees currently teetering in the closet, because this week Big Sean checked in from a little Hawaii getaway and The Loop's style police immediately picked up on his A++++ choice of tropical attire:

Now, our fashion GPS is still recalculating after seeing Rickie going full Magnum PI at Kapalua on Thursday, but if our unworthy eyeholes are functioning properly, this appears to be the GOAT of GOAT shirts—a perfect, Windows 98-inspired tribute to the man, the myth, the Tiger. Where can you cop it? We're still working on that, but if Sean Don is anything like us, you're going to have to pry it off his cold, dead body.

P.S. Sean, if you ever want to flip that thing on eBay, give us a ring. We know some co-workers customers who might be interested.