Hate To See It

This is simultaneously the best and worst recovery shot ever hit

At some point, we've all faced the same dilemma on the golf course: take an unplayable, or go for the hero shot. Ninety-nine point nine percent of the time, the risk of the hero shot far outweighs the reward, though the likes of Phil Mickelson and Seve Ballesteros would argue differently.

The difference there is, Phil and Seve are Phil and Seve and the rest of us should just take the damn unplayable and try to keep triple bogey or worse off the card. One amateur golfer found this out the hard way when he attempted to hit a bank shot off a rock to get back into the fairway, only for his ball to somehow boomerang back into the exact same spot he had just hit from. Feast your eyes on what might be, simultaneously, the best and worst recovery shot ever hit:

Folks, you really can't make it up. We admire the effort here, but what on earth was the end goal? Get it back into the fairway to try and get up and down for par? This guy could have tried to accomplish the exact same thing by taking the unplayable. If he was up near the green, and trying to hit a miracle chip to give him a look at birdie or par, then fine, have at it. But even a gond end result here still likely leaves him with a similar shot to the one he would have faced after an unplayable. 

The even worse offense here, though, is cutting off the video after this. What the hell happens next? Does he try it again? Does he take an unplayable after the fact? Does he walk off the course? We will never know, and that's on you, cameraman. For shame.