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Best Training Aids of 2023

The best training aids to help work on every part of your golf game this season

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Updated on December 04, 2023

We’ve all been there. Golf can be a lonely endeavor when struggling with your game. Fortunately, there are thousands of instructors across the country (and online) who can get players back on track in a relatively short time. There’s another great option if you know what needs to be fixed: training aids.

Isn’t it time to take advantage of these well-conceived devices to improve your putting, short game or full swing? We’ve chosen seven of them as our favorites for 2023. As a bonus, each one is priced less than $200—so they won’t break the bank, either.
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Best Putter Stroke Test

PuttOUT Devil Ball (Face Angle Trainer)

Striking the golf ball with a square putter face is paramount to consistent, quality results. With the Devil Ball, players know immediately how they’re faring because an open or closed face causes it to wobble off-line.

Choose from three practice levels: In the easiest setting (single black alignment line is visible at address), golfers hit the most rounded area of the ball. For more of a challenge, rotate the ball slightly forward and strike the less rounded area. As players progress, they’ll try the most-demanding orientation—hitting the flat end of the ball.

Training with the Devil Ball, which has a similar feel to an actual golf ball, can be more fun and a little less exacting than using small putting gates to improve face angle at impact.

Best Putting Mirror

Eyeline Golf Putting Circuit Trainers

Most players lack a useful, repeatable practice putting routine. With the three-pack of “mirrors,” you get a built-in program to improve setup, stroke path, impact and ball speed. There’s a different drill to do on all four sides of each mirror—12 drills in all.

Use the blue trainer to get the ball started on-line, find the sweet spot, develop a consistent swing path, or work on proper clubface angle at impact. The yellow trainer enables golfers to master their ball position, refine backswing length (eliminate deceleration) and feel the toe of the putter release during the stroke. Then, there’s a traditional putting mirror to check eye alignment and position, shoulder alignment, and see the stroke path in motion. Drills are explained on the back of each mirror, which can be used outdoors or indoors.

Best Putting Efficiency Training Aid

Me And My Golf Breaking Ball Putting Mat

Most golfers are pretty confident standing over straight putts. But, players can struggle on breaking ones. The Breaking Ball putting mat offers a clever way to practice those unnerving bending putts. Included with the mat are three golf balls. Each one has a weighted screw in it: Positioning the ball with the extra weight on one side causes the ball to break in that direction. The green-striped ball has minimal break; the red-striped one produces medium break; and, the blue-striped ball breaks the most.

The putting mat also addresses green-reading: Just aim the ball’s colored stripe toward the corresponding color on the mat one-foot in front of it. Doing so forces players to focus on the start line (the first 12”) and the pace of the putt. The mat comes in two lengths: 7- or 11-feet.

Best in Swing Tempo Training

Lag Shot Swing Trainer

Learning to swing with tempo and balance can be challenging. With the Lag Shot, golfers hit balls and know when their movements work or not. Proper timing and fluidity with the ultra-flexible shaft and extra-heavy head will lead to solid contact. But, if you’re a little off, the clubhead could slam into the ground before striking the ball.

As a 2022 Editors’ Choice winner, the Lag Shot’s product lineup consisted of Men’s clubs (driver, 7-iron or wedge), XL Men’s versions, Lady 7-iron, and Junior 7-iron.

The expanded roster for 2023 includes a Lady driver, 7-iron and wedge. Plus, there are Junior 7-irons for three age groups: 6- to 8-years-old, 9-11 and 12-14. The Junior shafts are roughly the same weight as one another but length increases by four inches in each successive age group.

Best Swing Efficiency Training Aid

Tour Striker Toolbox

Having the proper ball position, aim and alignment are critically-important factors that influence the outcome of the shot. Many well-designed aids help with setup, including the Tour Striker Toolbox, a four-foot-long metal pole with pre-drilled holes and three fiberglass alignment rods. What sets the Toolbox apart is its ability to hold the sticks in place at virtually any angle. Players determine the desired angle and lock-in the adjustable mechanisms, making the device much more than a handy aim-and-alignment tool.

Specifically, golfers can work on their swing plane, club path, posture and more. They can tackle common faults such as body sway, an over-active front knee on the backswing, yanking the club too far inside on the takeaway, and so on. Plus, the versatile Toolbox can function as an elevated rail for putting or wedge practice. Check out the 17 videos at for a variety of ways to use it.

Best Setup Checks

Stance Caddy

How often do you set up to the ball in poor position? The Stance Caddy could help. Begin by expanding the Stance Caddy until it’s shoulder-width apart (the crease joining shoulder and arm). When taking your stance, it’s recommended that the ball will be in the same position (about two-ball widths inside the heel of the front foot) for every full-swing club. Players will widen their stance (move rear foot only) as the clubs get longer. Incidentally, this approach is borrowed from the iconic book, Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf. Setting up to the wedge will consist of an open stance, with the outside of the heels shoulder-width apart. By contrast, you’ll take a closed stance for the driver, with the inside of the heels shoulder-width apart.

Tour Aim 2.0

A 2022 Editors’ Choice winner, the hard-plastic Tour Aim continues to be a valuable aim-and-alignment apparatus. The updated version, Tour Aim 2.0, features a couple of enhancements for the full swing and putting. The base product holds standard-size, fiberglass alignment sticks in a number of directions and angles. Whereas the original version provided two swing-plane angles (one each for woods and irons), the upgraded 2.0 includes swing-plane angles for the driver, fairway wood, 5-iron, 8-iron and pitching wedge.

In regard to putting, an alignment stick can be placed at the top of the base unit to create a nice sight line above the putter. Being able to position the stick one-quarter-inch higher than before makes it easier for players to practice longer putts. The Tour Aim 2.0 can be purchased with three or four sticks.