Beast Mode dropped by a high school football scrimmage to destroy some teenagers

October 26, 2017

Marshawn Lynch has had a busy week. Last Thursday night, he jumped off the bench during a dust-up with Chiefs, shoved a ref, got ejected, went undercover to watch the game from the stands, rode the train home with some fans, and was soon after suspended by the NFL for one game. So what did Beast Mode decide to do with his week off?

Pad up and hit his high school alma mater's football scrimmage to give a bunch of lucky teenagers some contusions they will never forget, that's what. Witness the brutality below:

Apart from Beast Mode being Beast Mode, the most fascinating thing about this clip is how it juxtaposes marquee NFL athleticism against that of ordinary human beings, highlighting just how ABSOLUTELY FREAKING TERRIFYING said athleticism can be, even on an aging running back who everybody has been calling washed up all season. No really, just watch those cuts and that straightline speed, and then ask yourself: Would I try to tackle that?

If your answer is yes, then we hope you like apple sauce, because you’ll be sipping it through a straw three meals a day for the rest of your life.