Marshawn Lynch gets ejected from game for shoving referee, sneaks back in to watch, takes train home

For all the hate the NFL's Thursday Night Football games get, they have actually delivered on the entertainment scale so far this season. None of them more so than Thursday's game between the Oakland Raiders and the Kansas City Chiefs, which featured an absolutely wild ending that saw the Silver and Black win 31-30 on the final play, or final four plays, or whatever the hell happened.

And the Raiders pulled the late comeback off all without starting running back Marshawn Lynch. Why you ask? Well, he was ejected from the game for making contact with an official, and not just any contact, straight beast mode contact. After Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters took an unnecessary late hit on Raiders quarterback Derek Carr, a few of the QB's teammates took exception, including Marshawn Lynch, who wasn't even in the game at the time:

That's going to get you tossed 101 times out of 100. So, it was off to the locker room for Marshawn, and early reports, including from CBS' Jim Nantz and Tony Romo, were that Lynch also left the stadium entirely. Obviously, not a good look. Most guys, as Romo woud point out, would at least stick around in the locker room and watch his team, rather than abandon it. Well, this is just what Marshawn wanted us all to think:

While everyone was jumping to conclusions and questioning Lynch's commitment to the team, Beast Mode was just getting on his disguise and sneaking his was into the seats to watch the end of the game. Oh, and after the win, he took the train home with Raider fans:

What a legend. We should all be thankful we have Marshawn Lynch, who really, really loves that ski mask.