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Based off this clip, Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson are as good as done in Golden State

While it feels like the NBA Playoffs still have about eight months to go, the end of the season is much closer than it appears. That means the best part of the NBA season will truly begin: free agency. This summer is poised to be one of the best in recent memory, with Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Klay Thompson, Kawhi Leonard, Kemba Walker and Jimmy Butler all set to hit the open market.

The biggest rumor of all (SPOILER ALERT) is that Durant could very well join the New York Knicks, a move I am absolutely not getting my hopes up for in any way. Durant's efforts to quell this rumor have been feeble ones, as numerous respected NBA voices have essentially already put Durant in a Knicks jersey. Tension with teammates this past regular season, plus the fact the Warriors blew a 31-point lead on Monday, plus the fact that Durant has to know it will always be Steph Curry's team have only strengthened the theory that he's as good as gone. Of course, the Warriors will likely figure it out, dominate everyone, win another ring and maybe convince him to stay. Who knows.

But this clip from CBS' "60 Minutes" this past weekend would lead you to believe that not only is Durant done in Golden State, but Klay Thompson could be as well. Though based off of Thompson's past statements and the fact he's looking for a max deal, he will likely stay on the Warriors if they pay him, but Warriors fans won't be nearly confident in that notion after watching this. Pay close attention to Durant and Thompson after the reporter asks the both of them, plus Andre Iguodola, Stephen Curry and Shaun Livingston if they ever wonder "how could I play for another team after going through this?":

"They don't know, because they're younger, they got time," says Iguodola, adding, "when you get older, you don't want to play for nobody else (laughs)." After the reporter adds, "it's not going to get better than this,"Iguodola says if another team is going to recruit him, the Warriors need to be the template, yielding more laughs from Curry and Livingston. Notice who wasn't laughing?

Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 10.17.11 AM.png

Do those look like faces of two guys who can't wait to resign with Golden State? Gonna go with NO on that one. But again, Klay is looking for a max deal this off-season, and he will likely get one from Golden State. Yukking it up and saying "oh yeah I would never want to go anywhere else!" is probably not the best negotiation tactic, but this would still slightly worry me if I were a Warriors fan. As for Durant, he's as good as gone.

Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 10.19.31 AM.png

My goodness was that awkward. And where was Draymond Green during this? Didn't feel like chatting with his teammates about all their success together? Trouble in paradise!!