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Banner calling for coaches to be fired flies over high school baseball game

May 23, 2018

If we've learned anything from LaVar Ball's parenting, it's always the coach's fault. No matter the level of competition or country -- in the case of the Balls' failed foray in Turkey -- you always blame the person calling the plays. But for all of Ball's bluster, one Westchester (N.Y.) town found a new way to publicly point the finger at a pair of high school baseball coaches. With a plane.

That's right, a plane towing a banner calling for two coaches to be fired flew over a Briarcliff High School baseball game on Tuesday. Have a look:

Just a tad, um, over the top, no?

"Yesterday's flyover served to highlight what can happen when adults lose perspective on high school sports," Briarcliff schools superintendent Jim Kaishian told The Journal News/ "In an attempt to promote self-interest, some adults become willing conspirators in the theft of joy from youth athletic programs."

And willing to fork over some serious cash to make their complaints known. According to The Journal News, displaying the banner for 30 minutes cost $1,250.

John Schrader has been the team's head coach for four years after serving as an assistant for a quarter century. By the way, his top-seeded Bears won 13-0 to advance to the Section 1 semifinals.