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Australian radio host finally makes hole-in-one after 14 months(!) of attempts thanks to luckiest bounce ever

October 13, 2022

How many attempts would it take for you to make a hole-in-one? It's a conversation that many golfers have had, but few have actually performed the experiment. In recent years, we've seen the European Tour have some of the best players in the world try it to entertaining—and for the pros, maddening—results.

The bottom line is that you have to be far more lucky than good. And that's exactly what an Australian radio host found out. After 14 months of trying.

OK, so he wasn't out there 24/7 every day, but Liam Stapleton and co-host Ben Harvey of the "Ben & Liam" morning show in Adelaide tried. And tried. And tried some more. All at the same 90-meter (approximately 98 yards) island hole. And they documented their journey that began August 18 of last year.

The hole even featured a giant-sized cup. And yet neither of these guys could make a hole-in-one for 14 months and nearly 6,000 attempts between them. Until Thursday when Liam splashed one just short—he described it as "a mongrel shot"—and somehow it popped onto the green and rolled into the hole with Australian gold medal-winning swimmer Kyle Chalmers watching. Check it out:

Incredible. It may have hit some sort of support under the water, but either way, that might be the luckiest bounce ever. So surprising that the guys had to watch a replay to make sure the ball actually went in. Not surprising that once it was confirmed as an ace, they went crazy:

Of course, we're not going to point out to Liam that it's not technically a true a hole-in-one due to the enlarged hole and because it didn't come during a round. Regardless, that obviously felt pretty darn good. For Liam, that is. Poor Ben. At the very least, they both win because that's fantastic fodder for their show.