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Auburn fan decked out in Tennessee gear has a very good reason for being decked out in Tennessee gear

It's been said that in the SEC "it just means more," which draws plenty of ire from fans of teams from the Big Ten and the rest of the Power Five. The thing is, it's true, no matter how badly all you Ohio State and Michigan sickos don't want to believe it.

Case in point, this Auburn Tigers fan who was in attendance at Wednesday's Alabama vs. Arkansas SEC Baseball Tournament game. You wouldn't know he was an Auburn fan based off what he was wearing, though. Our boy Jeff was decked out in full Tennessee gear from head to toe, despite the fact Tennessee wasn't playing in the game. Why, you ask? We'll let Jeff tell ya:

We're 184 days away from the Iron Bowl, but hate SZN never sleeps. Why not just wear Auburn gear? Well, the Tigers were eliminated by Kentucky a day earlier, and should Tennessee go on to win on Thursday night against Vanderbilt, they'll take on the Tide next. Jeff is preemptively hating. It's truly elite stuff. 

If you're wondering, "shouldn't he hate Tennessee too?" you're forgetting that the enemy of your enemy is your friend. Tennessee would slot in as Alabama's second-biggest rival behind Auburn, so there's definitely a little-brother kinship there. The poor Volunteers have not beaten the Crimson Tide on the football field in 15 years, while Auburn has at least made the Iron Bowl as competitive as one can make a rivalry with the juggernaut that Bama has become.