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This posterization is so obscene we might have to slap the NC-17 tag on it

November 17, 2022

Sometimes a lengthy preamble that you'll likely scroll past anyway is not needed. Just watch the damn dunk. The posterization of the century. The ferocious slam by Arkansas' Trevon Brazile, who has easily locked up the slam-bam jam of the year with this one. We will not be accepting any more submissions:

Couldn't have summed it up any better ourselves. Children are indeed watching, and I feel for all the dads out there who had to explain to said children that they just witnessed a grave burial on live television. Poor little Johnny is now scarred for life. Nice going, Trevon. 

All kidding aside, the beauty of this poster from Brazile is that, for once, it's actually a legitimate poster. Passes the smell test. How many "OH MY GOD!!! POSTER!!" tweets have we seen over the years that are really just routine dunks where the defender didn't even make that much of an effort and social media is just hyping it up for the sake of clicks? A lot. That is the opposite of what happened here. This is a full cock-back and ferocious one-handed finish over poor South Dakota State redshirt freshman Broden Lien, who went straight up and defended the dunk nicely without fouling. Sometimes, though, you can't do anything to stop the hurricane that's coming:


Obscene. NC-17 material. Pray for the Lien family during this difficult time.