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Charlie Bit My Finger

Arizona Coyotes CEO says someone got part of their finger bitten off during last week’s wild fan brawl

December 13, 2022

Last weekend, footage of Arizona Coyotes and Boston Bruins fans beating on each other at the fittingly titled Mullett Arena went viral. A Shakepearean cacophony of violence, the video quickly racked up millions of views, introducing a non-hockey audience to the drunken stupidity of the American pucks fan. If you’re one of the three rubberneckers on Twitter who still haven’t seen it, check it out below. (CONTENT WARNING: A woman is sucker punched by a man about halfway through and appears to go briefly unconscious).

Honestly, it’s an ugly scene. The first instinct is to point and laugh, but even the guy filming goes from amused to queasy pretty quick. Eventually police stepped (or rather dove) in to break up the fracas, but the damage was done. Now thanks to Arizona Coyotes CEO Xavier Gutierrez, we know the extent of said damage.

There’s always injuries involved in these idiot-paloozas that are never reported—punching someone in the head while teetering over a steep concrete embankment can go very wrong very fast—but we have never heard of someone’s finger getting bitten off. That’s a new one.

When the dust settled and the $13 beer was mopped up, one person was arrested for aggravated assault while an additional five were cited. No word yet on the status of that missing finger tip, however.