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Argentinian journalist attempts to recreate Ronaldo's bicycle kick, breaks his leg instead

Cristiano Ronaldo is no mere mortal. If you're not familiar with the man's oeuvre, first of all, welcome to earth, and second of all, watch the can of whoop-ass he opened on Juventus in last week's Champions League quarterfinals...

If for some reason that doesn't convince you, here's what happens when a normal everyday schmuck—in this case an Argentinian journalist Manuel Sanchez—tries to recreate the mighty feats of CR7:

Now, we're no orthopedic surgeons, but that sure as hell looks like a busted leg, and subsequent images of Sanchez with a walking boot and crutches seem to suggest as much. On the brightside, however, fellow Argentina legend Lionel Messi remains a whopping 15 points clear of Ronaldo and Real Madrid at the top of the La Liga table and Sanchez—presumably looking for a little bit of viral sauce—got more than he could have ever dreamed of. All in all, not a bad trade for a couple of nuked ankle ligaments.