Antonio Brown says he's the best sixth-round pick ever, and that is one spicy meatball

December 19, 2019

Antonio Brown said lots of things this year. Lots and lots of things. Honestly, more things than anyone one person has the right to say over the course of 365 days. Just this week he was droning on and on about "No More White Women," which started as a complaint about his ex and quickly morphed into the title of a hypothetical mixtape and probably, eventually, a sex tape. He's really way over quota at this point, but with just 12 days left in 2019 at the time of writing, AB is still trying to a squeeze few more doozies in under the deadline, including this absolute galaxy brain take he dropped on Twitter on Wednesday. Ladies and gentleman, grab the Tums, because this is one spicy meatball.

Can you remember who else was drafted in the sixth round? Hmm. Starts with a T and rhymes with Shady.

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Now, there's a very real chance Antonio Brown is the second best sixth-round pick of all time, especially if he gets his sh*t together and gets back on the football field next year. But best? Come on, AB. You know Tom. You crashed on the man's foldout this fall. Quit playin'. Quit trolling. Please, for the love of everything holy, quit all of this and go for a walk in the woods or something. Unless you get attacked by a bear, it literally can't get worse.

If you're sitting around waiting for Tom to fire back, however, you might be here for awhile. In addition to wearing as many Super Bowl rings as round passed before he was drafted, Brady is married to a Brazilian lingerie model and has a 17th AFC East championship to go out and clinch on Sunday.