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Everyone relax, trustworthy source Antonio Brown says Ben Roethlisberger may not actually retire

January 04, 2022

On Monday, the football world the NFL parts of western Pennsylvania got misty eyed as Ben Roethlisberger played what was widely reported to be his final game at Heinz Field. With his family in attendance and tears in eyes, Big Ben took down the Cleveland Browns one final time (he’s now 26-3-1 all-time against the Brownies), capping the win with a ceremonial lap around the Ketchup Bowl. It felt for all the world like this was the end …

… or was it?

We have it on good authority that Big Ben is not as done with football as it appears on TV, and that authority is former Roethlisberger teammate and noted sane person Antonio Brown, who took to Cameo on Monday to ease the emotional aches and pains of Steelers fans everywhere.

There you have it, folks. You won’t hear it from a more reliable, reputable source than the guy who less than 24 hours earlier could be seen tearing off his jersey and storming shirtless from MetLife Stadium mid-game. This is practically as good as hearing it from Big Ben himself and is in no way compromised by Brown’s current mental wellbeing or the fact the news was delivered via an app designed for wishing little kids a happy birthday.

If, contrary to Brown’s reporting, it is truly the end for Big Ben, then it was hell of a career. After Monday’s win, Roethlisberger is now guaranteed to finish his 18-year NFL career without a losing season, racking up two Super Bowls and outlasting future Hall of Fame classmates Eli Manning and Philip Rivers in the process. Not too shabby.

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