Andrew 'Beef' Johnston is looking a lot less beefier these days

February 23, 2022

Andrew "Beef" Johnston, who captured the hearts of golf fans at the 2016 Open Championship, has been extremely open and honest about his struggles with both his weight and his mental health over the past few years. It appears as though he's made marked improvements in both those departments based off his latest post on Instagram.

Last month, Johnston unfortunately had to pull out of the Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship due to an injury. "I'm gutted I've picked up another injury," Johnston wrote on Instagram. "It's not what I wanted at all. After the way I played last year I was ready to pick up where I left off hoping for an injury-free season but not to be."

One week later, Johnston took to Instagram again and theorized that his injury struggles, which went back much longer than this year, had something to do with his weight. "I balloon in weight a lot and I'm not happy with how much I've put on," he wrote, adding, "I've debated posting this a few times and thought you know what if anyone else struggles with their weight let's motivate each other to lose it."

Four weeks since posting that heartfelt message, it seems Johnston has taken his own advice. His latest post, which went live early on Wednesday morning, shows off a new, svelte, deciedly less 'beef'-ier frame:

All we have to say is GO Beef GO! Man, what a difference a month can make. And, what a huge help it is to have someone by your side to push you, which Beef clearly has in fiancée Jodie Valencia. Beef gave her a lovely little shoutout last week:

Great stuff. Here's hoping Beef keeps on grinding in the weight room and he gets back on the golf course soon. We've not seen him since November at the Portugal Masters, where he tied for 47th. In the 10 starts prior, Johnston collected six top-25 finishes, an indication his game was trending in the right direction before being sidelined with another injury.