Andre Iguodala says all he needs is a one-bedroom apartment and his clubs, has this life thing figured out

January 07, 2020
American Century Championship - Round One

Jonathan Devich

Andre Iguodala has had a strange year. This offseason, he was traded by the Golden State Warriors—the team with which he won three NBA championships and an NBA Finals MVP—to the bottom-feeding Memphis Grizzlies in a cap move. Since then, Iguodala has played exactly 0 seconds of Grizzlies basketball despite being on a $17-million-dollar contract, with rumors flying that he could soon return to the Bay Area to help his struggling former team. With all this extra time on his hands, Iguodala has had time to sit back and reflect on life, materialism, and, of course, golf, tweeting the following on Monday:

Honestly, amen. A.I. has been taking a little heat for the tweet, with random passerby helpfully pointing out that freedom from worry is a lot easier to achieve when you're making eight figures a year to watch Netflix and work on your sand game, but we can't fault the ambition or, rather, lack thereof. Leave the groundskeeping for the country club. It doesn't matter how fast your Maserati gets from 0-60 when you have nowhere to go. Screenshot this tweet and remember it for when you win Powerball. (Also, feel free to kick a couple bucks our way for the tip.)

As for Iggy's golf game? We can only assume the basketball sabbatical has improved the 15.6 handicap we clocked him at last fall. Just check out this beauty from back in December if you don't believe us.

Not bad at all. Now about that Prius . . .