Andre Agassi reveals incredible tell he had for solving Boris Becker's serve

April 30, 2021

Andre Agassi was always regarded as the best returner in tennis throughout his legendary career. But it turns out, it wasn't just his incredible hand-eye coordination that helped him handle serves from one of his toughest opponents.

In an interview with Unscriptd, Agassi revealed he picked up a tell on Boris Becker that would make the world's best poker players proud. Apparently, the German would stick out his tongue in the direction he planned to hit as he went into his serving motion.

"The hardest part was not returning his serve," Agassi says in the video. "The hardest part was not letting him know that I knew this."

Eventually, Agassi told Becker over a pint of beer—and was shocked.

"He said, 'I used to go home all the time and just tell my wife that it's like he reads my mind!'"

Incredible. Anyway, here's the interview:

And if you're having trouble returning someone's serve, maybe start trying to read their lips. Well, their tongue.