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An anonymous Vegas gambler with a fitting nickname has made a killing betting against Rutgers football

October 19, 2018

Icon Sportswire

The nicknames of Vegas gamblers are almost as good as the tales about these wagering legends themselves. From Nick the Greek to Ace Rothstein (OK, so that's Robert De Niro's character in Casino, but he's still awesome), there are no shortage of characters to come through Sin City. And now there's a new high-roller in town with the perfect money-making moniker: Duffel Bag Boy.

Basically, he's a Vegas gambler who walks around to various sportsbooks with a duffel bag full of cash for making and collecting bets. And Duffel Bag Boy (Seriously, how good is that nickname?!) has been doing quite well for himself, according to The Action Network. But it doesn't sound like he's come up with a fancy algorithm to give him an edge. Instead, he's often simply betting against one of the worst college football programs in the country: Rutgers.

The Action Network's Adam Staple writes:

One of Duffel Bag Boy’s favorite bets is fading Rutgers. The Scarlet Knights have only covered the spread once this season (against Indiana in Week 5) so most of the oddsmakers at his favorite shops were expecting him to pound Maryland against Rutgers last Saturday. Strangely, he didn’t and the Terrapins covered.

“He’s bet against Rutgers steadily over the past two years and cleaned up,” South Point sportsbook supervisor Tim Fitzgerald said. “I am truly mystified as to why he didn’t play them last week. With as much as he’s up I’d expect he’ll blindly bet against them this weekend against Northwestern.”

After beating Texas State to start the season, the lowly Scarlet Knights have lost six straight with only that one cover against Indiana, a 24-17 defeat at home, being even remotely close. Losing 52-3 to Ohio State is understandable, but 55-14 against Kansas? And 42-13 against Buffalo?! Yikes. Sometimes the best bets are the most obvious ones.

Anyway, Duffel Bag Boy, who The Action Network estimates won nearly $1 million over the past two weekends, doesn't just keep to Rutgers. He dabbles in the NFL and he won $260,000 (spread over three sportsbooks) on Army covering against San Jose State last week.

Sounds like that bag is getting pretty heavy, Duffel Bag Boy. Let me know if you need any help lugging all that cash around. In the meantime, what's the Rutgers line this week?