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An anatomy of Jordan Spieth's bachelor party/curling outing/wait what?

November 26, 2018

If you had money on Jordan Spieth and the SB2K besties going curling for his bachelor party as opposed to, I don't know, building an actual working airplane out of empty Natty Light cans, congratulations. You just a made a lot of it. Inspired by America's brief love affair with curling last winter, on Black Friday Spieth and the boys grabbed their brooms n' stones and hit the ice for a little celebratory ice bocce and probably had a really great time. We say probably, because the outing resulted in exactly zero social media goodies from the generally social media goodie-prone crew except for one lone photo, which appeared on Facebook as if out of a mirage on Friday:

Desperate for all the juicy details on Spieth's raucous bachelor bash, we decided to give this snapshot the ol' Anatomy Of treatment to see what we could decipher. As you'll see, our investigation dug up a lot...about a little.


Anyway, congrats to Jordan and Annie. Maybe for your first anniversary you can try romantic skeleton luge.