124th U.S. Open

Pinehurst No. 2

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Adam Sandler balls out at pickup game, gets game-winner drilled in his face

December 20, 2019

Adam Sandler is the man of the freakin' moment. After surviving Mr. Deeds, Don't Mess With The Zohan, Grown Ups, Grown Ups 2, The Cobbler, Jack and Jill, and The Ridiculous Six, Happy Gilmore himself is generating some serious Oscars buzz for his lead in Uncut Gems, where he stars alongside the likes of Kevin Garnett and Mike Francesa as a Midtown jeweler who gets in over his with the wrong people betting on sports in mid-aughts NYC. Despite that premise's potential to hit a little too close to home for the film's target audience, New Jersey, the film broke records with its limited opening last weekend, grossing $537,242 in just FIVE THEATERS nationwide, a figure that is sure to skyrocket when the film goes wide on Christmas day.

And now, hot off all that hype, video has emerged of Sandler rolling up to a pickup game and absolutely destroying, leaving the internet to scrape its collective jaw off the hardwood. More like Adam Sandles amirite? Hello? Anybody?

Seriously Jason Williams-esque, with maybe a sprinkle of Steve Nash thrown in for good measure. And yet despite Sandler's best efforts, evidenced by his profusely sweaty XXL tall tee (good to see the man is still the worst dresser of all time), his team still lost when an opposing player drained a DEEP three over him on the final possession. Needless to say, doing the 1996 Tour Champ like this is Cold with a capital C.

Backbreakers aside, for a generation who grew up with Billy Madison, Airheads, The Waterboy, and that aforementioned golf movie, its genuinely good to see Sandler back in the success saddle one again. Next time, just to try get out there a little faster to contest that shot, OK Sandles?