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Adam Sandler's tribute to Chris Farley on "Saturday Night Live" is good for a nice Sunday morning cry

I was not prepared to let out a good cry on this dreary Sunday morning, and yet here we are.

You might want to grab the tissues too before watching Adam Sandler's tribute song to Chris Farley, which aired at the very end of "Saturday Night Live" hosted by Sandler last night. It's absolutely worth all four minutes and 32 seconds of your time:

Those parts about Farley's dad, goodness gracious, what a couple of gut punches.

There is not much anyone can agree on anymore, but I think it's fair to say most would agree that the current version of "Saturday Night Live" is pretty unwatchable. The older generation will wax poetic about the SNL of old, as they should. The 70s and 80s were golden ages for SNL, but the run in the 1990s is untouchable. There was Sandler, Farley, David Spade, Dana Carvey, Mike Myers, Tim Medows, and on and on it goes. In the late 90s the world was introduced to Will Ferrell , sparking another incredible run.

Even well into the new millennium, it was still quite good. The Andy Samberg/SNL Digital Short/Lonely Island era produced some of the funniest skits in the show's history, and the weeks that Justin Timberlake happened to host were appointment viewing.

But it's not been the same for some time. Leave it to Sandler, a SNL legend who had never hosted the show before, to make the ending of SNL the most talked-about thing on the internet the morning after.

Sandler and Farley first crossed paths on SNL, and, sadly, only appeared in three movies together because of Farley's premature passing in 1997. They both had roles in "Coneheads" in 1993 and "Airheads" in 1994, but their best moment together came in 1995, when Sandler starred in "Billy Madison" and acted alongside Farley in one of the funniest scenes ever:

Legendary. This was right when Sandler's movie career was about to take off. To think how many more scenes like this we missed out on without Farley around. But that makes the times they were together that much more memorable. Some other favorites below, just because it's a lazy Sunday: