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According to Nick Young, the NBA's best blunt roller is...Steve Kerr?

2019 NBA Finals - Practice and Media Availability

Nathaniel S. Butler

The big news out of the NBA this morning is the trade of triple-double conveyor belt Russell Westbrook to the Houston Rockets and the subsequent marooning of Chris Paul on the cultural desert island that is Oklahoma City. The move changed the face of the Western Conference—which now has three bonafide championship contenders—overnight and has NBA twitter absolutely giddy about the prospect of two of the most pass-allergic personalities in basketball operating in Mike D'Antoni's ISO offense. Unfortunately, however, this seismic power shift overshadowed the actual best story in the NBA this morning:

That Steve Kerr rolls the best blunts in basketball.

The revelation was made by Nick Young during an appearance on The Damon Bruce Show on Thursday. When asked which NBA coach rolled the best blunts, Swaggy P replied "Probably Steve Kerr" to the surprise of just about no one. Young isn't exactly the most reliable narrator, but he did win a NBA Championship with the Warriors (who hasn't?) in 2018, so there's a chance he actually knows what he's talking about in this case.

Two things should be noted. A. Weed is as legal as wine in California and B. Young only credited Kerr, whose debilitating back issues seem to have miraculously cleared up in recent years, with being the best blunt roller of active NBA coaches. Because lord knows in his day, Phil Jackson would have given Kerr a run for his rolling papers.