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A closer look at Aime Leon Dore's subtle-yet-daring golf capsule

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Golf and style fanatics have new threads to swing into this summer with the latest drop from the upscale Queens-based fashion brand Aime Leon Dore. The collection came as a bit of a surprise when an official announcement hit our Instagram feeds last month, leaving us rather intrigued as to what ALD's on-course offerings would look like. As high-end brands continue their foray into golf, this capsule is said to be rooted in a "deep admiration for the game and its distinctive style" (think pleats, panels and everything in between)—let's take a closer look at the collection and how it measures up in the world of golf fashion.

With peers like Kith and Noah NYC, Aime Leon Dore possesses a throwback Americana feel that immerses consumers in a Ralph Lauren-like nostalgia. Known for its amalgamation of menswear and streetwear, ALD has a fashion DNA encompassing RL-inspired preppiness with supporting elements of East Coast hip-hop and organic, nature-like brawniness. Maybe that's why this collection feels oddly familiar yet nuanced.

ALD delivers on a quintessentially modish golf capsule that feels both timeless and trendy equipped with knit weave, block plaid, printed mesh (cleverly resembling the dimples of a golf ball), houndstooth and a whole lot of blues and greens.


The 28-piece collection features an array of options from relaxed bowling shirts to flat caps to pleated trousers making the collection feel quite buildable, letting you mix, match and layer pieces curating the perfect look.

The pieces, on their own, are tamed and muted, but there's a strong case of styling versus just wearing the clothes. For golfers who prefer to throw something on and go, this capsule may pose a bit of a challenge—there's a level of thought and intentionality to take place if you desire to look unlike anyone else. (Seriously, who would think to layer a SHIRT over a quarter-zip pullover and look insanely cool?)

It's effortless and understated, which is best understood in its iconography. ALD presents us with two icons—a minimal "Aime" flag icon and a more ornate "Aime Golf" logo —embroidered rather intently onto each item of the collection. Taking the "less is more" approach with its golf-specific insignias, the pieces have an elevated, luxe appearance that bodes well against the different fabrics and patterns used throughout the collection.

Perhaps the most unexpected, yet delightful, piece from this capsule is ALD's take on golf-style icon Chi Chi Rodriguez's signature straw fedora.

It's a nod to archival on-course fashion that we consider overlooked. In an era of flat caps and cardigans, Rodriguez introduced the fedora as a refreshing take on headwear popularized in the early 20th century (most notably in film noir). It may appear out of place, but we'd argue that it's the glue to the collection, as it directly references the golf legend. Minimalism can often feel like ALD has done the dad caps and bucket hats, but to venture out of its comfort zone and craft something that golf fanatics can look to fondly (and see evidence of research and consideration) is exactly why the capsule works.

ALD proves that you don't have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to developing a tailored and polished collection. It's not revolutionary or even extraordinary—and that's the point. Aime Leon Dore has formulated a reputation of alluringly uncomplicated styles, and that kind of energy feels very on par with the state of golf today. Blurring the lines of vintage and streetwear, structured and relaxed.

Since its release, quite a few items (hats and polos mainly) are already sold out online but no worries, there are still quite a few pieces you can get your hands on (including the Chi Chi Hat). Whether you're a die-hard ALD shopper or can appreciate brands entering our sport, there's a little bit of something for everyone and we're looking forward to a restock soon!