7 pairs of golf sunglasses to kick off summer that look great on and off the course


When it comes to selecting a pair of golf-specific sunglasses, it can be tricky to find quality shades that also look good. Selecting the ideal pair of golf sunglasses is about shape, coverage and lens technology, so pay attention. Be sure to pick a pair that blocks harmful UV light (UVA/UVB). Most top brands in golf will offer this, but it's always good to check. Though most gravitate to polarized glasses, that isn't always the best choice. Polarized glasses are meant to reduce glare when you're on water, and since reading greens is all about interpreting glare (sheen of grass), you might suffer on the greens.

When it comes to fit, it's important to find a pair of sunglasses that won't get in the way of your golf game. Always be sure to make some practice swings when shopping for sunglasses to make sure the frames don't slide down your nose during the downswing and your views are unobstructed. A good pair of golf sunglasses should feel snug without any pinching sensation.

Eyewear is a great way to add personality to your golf ensemble or test out new colors and patterns. When it comes to shape, you'll need to decipher what shape your face is first—round, square, oblong, diamond, triangular or oval. Oval faces are the easiest to pair with, since the face is longer than the width, most frames will match. If your face is round, select a frame that is wider than your cheekbones. Thin, rounded frames will soften the jawline on square faces with sharp jawlines. Oblong faces with longer foreheads are suited for more narrow styles. Diamond shapes—small jawline, pointed chin, with the widest point of the face hitting at the cheekbones—warrant thinner, top-heavy vintage frames. Faces with larger jawlines and a smaller forehead is categorized as triangular and that shape is essentially made for aviators.

Check out some of these golf-specific sunglasses that will enhance any outfit, protect your eyes—and maybe even help your game out a little.

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Oakley Golf Sunglasses Mercenary Editors Choice.png

There's a reason these golf sunglasses were included in our Golf Digest Editors' Choice, Best Eyewear For Golf category. These made-for-golf lenses increase the contrast of colors for better green reading and ball spotting. The wider shape offers more sun protection and a larger field of view, so you'll barely notice you're wearing any sunglasses at all.
BUY NOW: $173

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Electric Knoxville Pro Golf Sunglasses.png

Another Golf Digest Editors' Choice winner, the Electric Nashville Pro golf sunglasses expertly combine on-course performance technology with off-course style. These semi-frameless sunglasses are designed to flatter—they'll look great on both male and female golfers. The lightweight construction is ultra-comfortable, and the durable design will endure the worst drops.
BUY NOW: $120

Maui Jim Kaupo Gap

These lightweight aviator-style shades make for a refined, classic look. The MauiBrilliant lens is the company's most advanced material, which provides an ultra clear view at a third of the weight of a typical lens. The grey shade increases contrast, reduces light and adds a ton of versatile style.
BUY NOW: $229

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For a more traditional-looking pair of sunglasses for golf, the Under Armour Propel Tuned are a great option. Multi-flection coating prevents the lenses from getting scratched or smudged and polyamide-injected frames ensure maximum durability. These UA shades have fused rubber temple and nose pads that'll stay put on your face.
BUY NOW: $100


These stylish Nike golf sunglasses provide oversize coverage with a "barely-there" feel. The arms are designed to fit comfortably under a hat and the ventilated rubber nose bridge reduces fogging.
BUY NOW: $169

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Handmade in Japan, these golf-specific glasses will become your new favorite. The titanium frame is durable, the temples shape comfortably to the head and the triple anti-reflective lenses offer crisp, high-contrast views. Scheyden designs eyewear for pilots with a focus on creating comfortable sunglasses to minimize eye fatigue. The golf version does the same, these sunglasses are made to be worn all day long.
Available at

These affordable frames will bring a whole lot of style to your golf game. Available in various colors, the woodgrain style is a fan-favorite. Don't let the price fool you, Tifosi lenses still provide 100-percent protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays and are a great option for adding some personality to the golf sunglasses rota.
BUY NOW: $40

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