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Massachusetts Women's Amateur golfer hits hole-in-one in middle of most brutal round you will ever see

August 17, 2022

Sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes the bear eats you. You know the old adage. You remember Sam Elliot grumbling it from beneath his iconic mustache in 'The Big Lebowski.' It sounds like he says "bar," but the meaning remains the same: You win some, you lose some. What Elliot didn’t tells us (or The Dude), however, is that sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes the bear eats you ... at the same damn time.

Just ask Massachusetts Women’s Amateur Championship golfer Na Liu. Liu had a ROUGH showing at Orchard Golf Club this week. Liu finished dead last (or DFL as we like to say in the private chat), missing the cut after firing rounds of 123 and 117, good for +96. Before you rush out for the “get well soon” card, however, check out the scorecard instead.

It’s double bogey city. In fact, forget city. It’s a metropolis. But take a closer look. Round 2, 17th hole. You see that? No, your contacts didn’t fall out. Amid two of the toughest rounds in Mass Am history, Liu just so happened to jar a hole-in-one. Must. Be. Nice.

If you’re one of the many of the poor souls wandering this earth like a ghost, waiting for that first ace which may never come, this story probably brings you no joy. Sure, some small part of you might be happy Liu walked away with a consolation prize, but a larger part is jealous. Seethingly, green-at-the-gills jealous. But have heart and patience. As we said right from the jump, sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes the bear eats you, and that someday might just be today.