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Lightning-fast green at Ridgewood, site of this week's U.S. Am, has folks RILED up on Twitter

They say that death and taxes are the only two certainties in life. But they forgot the third certainty: Golf Twitter losing its collective sh-t when someone posts a video of rough that's a little too thick, or a green that's a little too quick.

Normally, these videos are reserved for major championship weeks, which the BMW Championship is not. However, the U.S. Amateur, formerly recognized as a major, is set to begin on Monday at Ridgewood Country Club in Paramus, N.J., where the brutal course conditions have already started a dialogue.

Lou Stagner, a self-proclaimed golf data nerd, is already on site, and over the weekend he posted a handful of photos and videos of the course. One video of the treacherous 14th green has already exploded on Twitter, being viewed well over 800,000 times. In it, Stagner drops a ball on the back of the lightning-quick putting surface and then begins to chase it down as it rolls not just off the front of the green, but all the way down into the fairway about 50 yards from the hole:

Naturally, this has folks all sorts of riled up, because nothing riles golf fans up like the potential of the USGA taking things a liiiitttttllle too far and producing a boatload of carnage. 

The good news for these guys is none of them are playing in the U.S. Amateur, though this green does seem a bit unfair. Having said that, players who qualified for the freaking U.S. Amateur will probably recognize that they need to keep it below the hole on 14. A dropped ball on the fastest, slopiest spot on the back of the green might not be the best indication of what's actually going to happen this week, but it does make for great content. 

Also, it doesn't look like the only green that could pose some challenges for the field:

You want rought? Oh, there will be rough:

Call it unfair, call it clown golf, call it whatever you'd like. It's officially must-see TV at Ridgewood (and Arcola) this week. Good job by Lou, playing all the hits.