White or wheat?

U.S. Open 2021: Poor guy just trying to eat his sandwich gets caught in Brooks Koepka fore-left throng

Never come between a man and his sandwich. Tuna or turkey, panini or torta, these are words to live by. Unfortunately Brooks Koepka didn’t get the memo in time for his opening round at the 2021 U.S. Open on Thursday, losing his tee shot on the seventh hole way left, where it hopped the fence and came to a rest right in this poor soul’s lunch halo. So much for that primetime picnic table spot, huh buddy?

If it was just a Titleist, no big deal, but with galleries flocking back to their natural habitat in cabin-frenzied droves, Koepka’s errant tee shot was immediately followed by a throng of patrons eager to be a part of the action/critique this guy’s choice of white or wheat. There truly is no peace in this world, don’t even waste your time looking for it, especially at a live sporting event where cameras are trained on you and your dietary habits at every possible second. Just ask George Costanaza about that one.

No word yet on how (or if) Koepka made up for his intrusion, but hopefully he at least comped dessert. Perhaps an ice cream sandwich?