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11 things we're missing the most about Opening Day (sorry for reminding you it's Opening Day)

MLB Opening Day Postponed Due To Coronavirus

Jonathan Daniel

Following the reports that Utaz Jazz big man Rudy Gobert had been infected with the coronavirus, every sports domino began to fall. The NBA season was suspended shortly after. NCAA basketball conference tournaments were canceled the next day, some of them mid-game. March Madness was dead. The Players Championship lasted all of one round. The NHL fell in line next. And finally, the coronavirus took away perhaps the most precious sports happening of all: MLB Opening Day.

This year's Opening Day was set to be much earlier than usual, Thursday, March 26, with all 30 teams in action. Apologies for the depressing reminder.

It goes without saying that some folks are facing much bigger problems than not being able to watch baseball right now. The MLB will be back, as will all sports. But for now, all we can do is talk about how much we miss them on another sport-less day on the calendar. Here's 11 things we're missing the hardest on what would have been Opening Day 2020.

The first pitch

Funny thing is, this year's very first pitch would have taken place at Citi Field. Can't script it, folks.

The New York Mets starting 1-0

Another funny thing: the Mets are really good on Opening Day. Like historically good. It's always fun to watch their fans get all riled up, only to lose in excruciating fashion the following day, which usually serves as an omen for the rest of the season.

The "Opening Day" logo

Oakland Athletics v Houston Astros

Bob Levey

God that thing is so clean. We must cherish that logo when we see it again. For the LOVE OF GOD CHERISH IT.

Watching baseball at work

Definitive "watching sports at work ranking":

1A.) March Madness Thursday noon slate

1B.) Opening Day baseball

(enormous gap)

The Astros getting beaned

This is going to happen a lot this season anyway, which is music to every other fanbase's chin. But it would have been great if it happened on Day 1, though it's doubtful given the Astros open at home. Feel like most teams will do it in their own stadiums so the crowd is in their favor.

Sneaking out of the office and going to Opening Day in vest weather

My coworker Steve Hennessey and I did this last year like a couple of Chads and Brads for the Orioles-Yankees game at Yankee Stadium. Not only was it vest weather, it was "man, I'm sweating a little bit, I'm going to take this vest off".... (5 mins later)... "man, it's a little chilly again, let me get my vest back on" type weather. Absolutely glorious.

Hot dog heartburn

NLCS - Los Angeles Dodgers v Chicago Cubs - Game One

Jamie Squire

Opening Day is one of the few times where it's completely acceptable to eat a hot dog for lunch on a week day, whether you're at the game or not. Thanks a lot, coronavirus.

Snow delay at Target Field

Seattle Mariners v Minnesota Twins

Hannah Foslien

This year, the Twins would have actually started in Oakland. But Opening Day would not be Opening Day without a weather delay somewhere. This year, the best bet would have been Milwuakee, where it's currently 41 degrees and it's likely going to rain right around the time the Cubs-Brewers game would be getting underway.

Some no name hitting a walk off

There's always somebody filling in for an injured player that becomes an Opening Day hero and ends up in Double A by May. We miss that guy right now.

Being completely irrational about your favorite team's first game

You can't win 'em all if you don't win the first.

The dingahs. All the dingahs