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You can buy Bud Light by the case at the Bahamas Bowl, which is fitting because it's the drunkest bowl game ever

December 20, 2019

If you're not watching the Bahamas Bowl because you have a life, don't worry, you're not missing anything. Then again, if horrific field goal attempts, trick plays that gain a half a yard and as few passing plays as possible is your style of football, well, then you're missing a great one.

Historically (five years, to be exact), the Bahamas Bowl has been by far the wackiest game of bowl season, no matter what teams our involved. Degenerate gamblers and diehard CFB fans may recall that this game produced one of the most epic comebacks ever by Central Michigan in 2014. Down 49-14 to Western Kentucky, the Chippewas came storming back to make it 49-42, then scored with one second remaining on a lateral-fest to seemingly force OT. That was until they went for two and lost the game:

More recently in 2017, the game became known not for what happened on the field, but what was happening in the stands and just outside of Thomas Robinson Stadium. According to a fan in attendance for the Ohio-UAB matchup two seasons ago, the scene in Nassau is unlike any other, to say the least.

Another fan in attendance that same year corroborated this tale:

Two years later, apparently nothing has changed, which is a good thing. Here's what a fan who is currently at the game posted to the same college football reddit page on Friday:

In other words, this sounds like the most laid back, fun and drunkest bowl game on the schedule. If we didn't know any better, we'd say the players from Buffalo and Charlotte were drunk too. Here was a top 1 worst field goal attempt in Bahamas Bowl history from 49ers kicker Jonathan Cruz:

In Cruz's defense, the wind is absolutely howling, but that was still not even close. Even uglier was this "trick play" from Buffalo in the second quarter:

Wow, really fooled them!

The officiating hasn't been much better, nor has the clock operating. On numerous occasions, there's been an incomplete pass and multiple seconds continue to tick off the clock anyway. Nobody seems to care aside from sickos and idiots who bet the over (speaking for a friend). It's the ugliest game I think I've ever seen, and it's so beautiful. How about this scene?