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9 classic Beatles songs you didn't realize were actually about golf

February 10, 2014

On Sunday, the U.S. celebrated the 50th anniversary of The Beatles' famed first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. It got us thinking about some of the band's best-known songs and the true* golf meaning behind them. Here are 10 we picked out:

(*By true, we mean totally made up. Despite the pictures below, it appears The Beatles weren't big fans of the game. But we can imagine, right? It's easy if you try.)

__ "Eight Days A Week":__ In an ideal world, wouldn't we all play golf this much?

__ "We Can Work It Out":__ Penned when Paul took John under his wing to help him with his struggling short game.


__ "Here, There and Everywhere":__ Written by John during a phase in which he had no clue where his driver was going.

__ "Here Comes the Sun":__ This song came to an optimistic George while waiting out yet another rain delay in Liverpool.

__ "Drive My Car":__ Little-know fact: The original title was "Drive My Cart," but cart didn't rhyme as well with "star."

__ "The Fool on the Hill":__ Doesn't this describe how all hackers look trying to hit a ball off an uneven lie?


__ "Help!":__ Inspired by Ringo's decision to take lessons from a golf pro -- and not just from anybody -- for the first time.

__ "Norweigan Wood":__ Paul laments losing a magical fairway wood he discovered while touring the Scandinavian Peninsula.

__ "I Am The Walrus":__ How big of a legend is Craig Stadler? He was the first golfer to be given an official theme song.