0311 3X

Hot List Silver 2023

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WHAT IT DOES: The 3X stands for the three-step forging of the 8620-carbon-steel clubhead. A taper from heel to toe allows the clubhead to open easily and keeps the leading edge closer to the ground. A slight camber from front to back allows the bounce to be effective on full swings with plenty of relief on flop shots. The high-toe design positions the center of gravity in line with where the ball is struck on open-face shots. The grooves are milled and extend across the face, providing grip on shots struck out on the toe. 

WHY WE LIKE IT: Sometimes simplicity can be an asset. The seven lofts with one sole grind avoid any consumer confusion and cover just enough bases—not an unimportant consideration for a product often sold direct to the consumer.   Read more>>

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Price: $180
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Player Comments
"Nice, clean look. Grooves go all the way to the top which creates the illusion that you have more clubface to work with. Very springy off the face. Good mid-flight trajectory on full shots. Great turf interaction. Cut through the dirt really well."
Handicap, +4
"Simple, clean lines paint a nice picture for the shot you want to hit. Plenty of pop on full shots and you can play a variety of shots. The low-checker spin looked so cool. Glided through the sand really well, too."
Handicap, 8
“It cuts through the turf with ease and has the ability to hit delicate greenside shots. A nice thump out of the bunker.”
Handicap, 9
Club Specs
Models Finish Price
0311 3X Chrome & Xtreme Dark $180

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