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Exotics C723 / Exotics E723

Hot List Silver 2023

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WHAT IT DOES: The science says fraternal twins are no more genetically similar than two siblings born at different times. They are also no more dissimilar. That is essentially the story of these two fairway woods: Each shares technologies that make them powerful and playable in similar ways, but they serve different player types. The more compact, better-player-focused C723 and the very forgiving, wide-body E723 move through the turf and launch shots with ease thanks to a single rail running the length of the sole. Its ample heel and toe relief smooth over turf friction, and the rail’s mass (90 grams) keeps the center of gravity low to promote a high launch with less spin. Both models share variable-thickness faces with 61 cross-hatched diamond indentations behind the impact area, but the C723 utilizes a high-flexing titanium face and body while the E723 uses a high-strength maraging steel. The purpose of these indentations is to increase ball speed over a wider area of the face, helped this year by further thinning out those diamond shapes on  the heel and toe where all golfers need more help.  In short, the C723 targets elite players seeking more  speed off the face, while the E723 targets the rest of us who need more forgiveness from our fairway woods.

WHY WE LIKE IT: In addition to its aggressive titanium face, the C723’s adjustable hosel and sole weights allow for the tweaking of ball-flight trajectory and spin. Conversely, the E723 concentrates extra mass in a rear weight chip for a moment of inertia that’s 5 percent higher than last year’s model.  Read more>>

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Price: Exotics C723 $350, Exotics E723 $280
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Which One's For Me?
Exotics C723
This targets the better player whose fairway wood impacts tend to find the center of the face. Its adjustable sole weights also are a boon to a player looking to tweak spin and launch to find the precise distance requirements for their fairway woods. The titanium face provides extra velocity.
Exotics E723
Designed for maximum forgiveness and a higher flight, its larger footprint and shallower face will inspire confidence in players who need more game-improvement help with their fairway wood game.




Look / Sound / Feel


* Percentage of total score

Player Comments
“The C723 has a lot of power for a small head—fast off the face with low spin. Bumping the loft up a little really helps. Mis-hits feel as flush as center strikes.”
Handicap, 5
"Perfect shape on the C723. Simple color scheme. Connotes power with a pop sound off the face. Easy to get the ball in the air and picked up distance. Ample forgiveness."
Handicap, 9
"Shape on the E723 is accentuated by the carbon. Exciting, energetic feel. Ball was lively off the face and produced great results."
Handicap, 12
Club Specs
Models Price
Exotics C723 $330
Exotics E723 $280

Exotics C723

Name Loft Length Dexterity Adjustable
Exotics C723 13.00 No
Exotics C723 15.00 No
Exotics C723 18.00 No

Exotics E723

Name Loft Length Dexterity Adjustable
Exotics E723 15.00 No
Exotics E723 16.50 No
Exotics E723 18.00 No
Exotics E723 21.00 No

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