124th U.S. Open

Pinehurst No. 2


Paradym / Paradym X / Paradym ♢♢♢

Hot List Gold 2023

Our Review:

WHAT IT DOES: When you hear that the carbon composite used in the sole of these new fairway woods is 50 percent lighter than steel, you might think, Cool, but isn’t it better to keep heavy weight low in a fairway wood so that shots launch higher? It is, but you want to concentrate that weight where it will be most effective. In this case, a tungsten cartridge is placed in the front of the sole to position the center of gravity in line with the center of the face. These woods have adjustability across 14 models and three head shapes. If you can’t find the right fit, perhaps it’s time to look at the new bowling balls. 

WHY WE LIKE IT: Whether it’s the shallow-faced, easy-launching Paradym, the oversize, draw-biased X or the low-spinning, compact ♦♦♦ for elite players, the story starts with the face technology. An internal structure around the perimeter concentrates more flexing in the hitting area. Artificial-intelligence computer modeling was used to weave complex thicknesses across the face to optimize performance for each of the three models and every individual loft. Callaway made it a priority this year to improve low-face impacts for improved consistency regardless of where you make contact. Read more>>

Which one's for me?

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Price: Paradym $350, Paradym X $350, Paradym ♢♢♢ $350
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Which One's For Me?
In terms of ease of launch and a distance/forgiveness profile, it fits the widest range of players. The shallow face makes it easy to launch with a neutral ball flight.
Paradym X
This is the largest of the three fairway woods, providing the most forgiveness on off-center hits. It will launch the highest of the three and shots will feature a slight draw bias.
Paradym ♢♢♢
This model targets the best players who prefer a more compact shape and a neutral ball flight. It is designed to produce lower-spinning and lower flying shots.




Look / Sound / Feel


* Percentage of total score

Player Comments
"Nice compact head on the Triple Diamond. This club is an absolute powerhouse. Sounds subtle yet aggressive off the face. When you hit it in the screws you don't even feel the ball come off the face. Ball flight was long."
Handicap, +4
“I like how the shallow face helps me focus on the hitting area, and the blue carbon crown is a nice look. A powerful, compressing sound at impact.”
Handicap, 15
"Love the look. Love the ocean blue and the whole color scheme. Inviting to hit. Standout on this club is the amount of torque and pressure I could feel at impact. Felt like the ball was getting pulverized by the face of this club. Mid trajectory just shot through the air and rolled out. Kept their height for a long time."
Handicap, 8
Club Specs
Models Price
Paradym $350
Paradym X $350
Paradym ♢♢♢ $350


Name Loft Length Dexterity Adjustable
3 15.00 43.25 No
3HL 16.50 43.25 No
5 18.00 42.75 No
7 21.00 42.25 No
9 24.00 41.75 No
11 27.00 41.25 No
HVN 20.00 43.00 No

Paradym X

Name Loft Length Dexterity Adjustable
3 15.00 43.25 No
3HL 16.50 43.25 No
5 18.00 42.75 No
7 21.00 42.25 No

Paradym ♢♢♢

Name Loft Length Dexterity Adjustable
3+ 13.50 43.25 No
3 15.00 43.25 No
5 18.00 42.75 No

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From the Manufacturer

To create a true breakthrough in performance, Callaway’s engineers have reimagined how a fairway wood is constructed. For golfers, it’s a total Paradym shift in distance and forgiveness. This completely new construction eliminates weight from the body and repositions it for exceptional gains in speed and MOI. Plus, every model has been uniquely designed with a specific player in mind to fully maximize their performance. Available in Paradym, Paradym X and Paradym Triple Diamond models.