SIM Max/Max D


Our Review:

Forgiveness comes in multiple forms. First, the sole’s V-shape and rounded leading edge limit friction with the turf. That means you’ll lose less clubhead speed coming into the ball. Second, the face’s asymmetrical curvatures help off-center strikes curve back to the target. Finally, with their larger size, there’s ample perimeter weighting to manage misses. The Max D is designed to combat slices.

Specs: SIM Max: 14, 15, 18, 21, 24; SIM Max D: 16, 19, 22
Price: $300
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Player Comments
  • low
    The sound and feel are pure and forceful. It’s soft yet powerful. The spin rate is low, which translates into a nice mid trajectory with no ballooning.
  • mid
    Not usually a big fan of all the visual tech on the crown but this one transcends that. Easy to frame the ball. Powerful crack at impact. Head is a little on the bigger side so a bit intimidating off the deck but the ball elevatede right away and screamed down the fairway.
  • high
    Really felt like a good punch through impact like a UFC kick. That translated into good distance with a medium, penetrating trajectory.