Memorial Tournament

Muirfield Village Golf Club


King Speedzone/Tour/Big Tour


Our Review:

Cobra’s distinctive rails are multifaceted. Externally, they help the sole move through the turf across a variety of lies, but internally, the front part of the rails is hollow. This reduces stiffness in the sole for better flex in the lower part of the face. The back section of the rails is solid, so there’s more weight toward the rear to increase forgiveness. A compact Tour model and low-lofted Big Tour feature front-weighting for low spin. Read more >>
Specs: Speedzone: 14.5, 18.5 and 22.5 degrees; Speedzone Tour: 14 and 17.5 degrees; Speedzone Big Tour: 13.5 degrees. (All adjustable)
Price: $280
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Player Comments
  • high
    The carbon fiber and colors give off a cool, aggressive vibe. Those split rails power through anything.
  • mid
    Low profile and average size head is comforting. Everything wants to set up well to the ball, and the spin rate was on the low side.
  • low
    I love the combact head. The carbon fiber is cool, with very little distraction. It had a very quick pop to it. Suble feedback. Almost instantaneous feel feedback. I love that on the tee and off the turf it was consistent in terms of the flight. Definitely something you can hit off the tee and off the turf.