Edel Torque Balanced
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Edel Torque Balanced Review

Edel Torque Balanced
Edel Torque Balanced
Edel Torque Balanced
Edel Torque Balanced
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The Verdict: The theory of “torque balanced”—or putters with a toe-up balance point—is to challenge the traditional ideas of toe hang and face-balanced putters. Edel says those designs work against a natural putting stroke. By removing weight from the toe, these putters have less resistance to the way the toe opens or closes during the stroke. In other words, there’s less torque. The non-tapered grip encourages even pressure and better alignment.
Street Price: $375
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    Look / Sound / Feel
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Player Comments
  • low
    It was just a smooth reverb all the way through, didn’t matter where you hit it.
  • mid
    Roll was aggressive, hugging the line and consistent.
  • high
    A subtle but badass look.