Bettinardi Studio Stock (2019)
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Bettinardi Studio Stock (2019) Review

Bettinardi Studio Stock (2019)
Bettinardi Studio Stock (2019)
Bettinardi Studio Stock (2019)
Bettinardi Studio Stock (2019)
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The Verdict: For the first time, Bettinardi is using stainless steel in the Studio Stock line. The goal is to provide a crisper sound at impact. However, Bettinardi is still very sensitive to the feel, so the face features a milling pattern that is 20-percent deeper than in previous models. The result is a one-piece milled design with the type of soft feel that could appeal to golfers who use putters with polymer inserts.
Street Price: $450
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    Look / Sound / Feel
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Player Comments
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    The ball springs o the face. That throwback cord grip really helps the feel.
  • mid
    Perfectly square setup; stays flush to the green.
  • high
    Light but commanding in my hands.