Mizuno T7

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Mizuno's ground-breaking use of boron-infused carbon steel in these forged wedges is something of a departure from how it has been used in the company's irons. There, its strength was seen as a way to design thinner faces for increased distance. Here, its strength allows grooves, which vary based on loft, to be designed more precisely at the edges and with increased durability. The heads also change shape through the lofts: a straighter leading edge on the low lofts to work better with full shots, and a rounded shape on the higher lofts to help on open-face shots.
Specs: 12 options (46-60 degrees)
Price: $150
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Player Comments
  • low
    Great control and feel on full or touch shots.
  • mid
    More of a tour wedge. Narrow toe has a ton of workability.
  • high
    Dense sound. The ball ends up exactly where you expect it to be.