Memorial Tournament

Muirfield Village Golf Club

Wilson Staff

Wilson D350 Hybrid Irons

Our Review:

We applaud companies that offer hybrids as standard. But what if you could have as many as four or as few as none? The D350 offers this flexibility. The standard eight-club set starts at the 4-iron, but substitutions can be made. Options include a 3 -, 4-, 5- and 6-hybrid from 19 to 28 degrees—at a cost of $100 for every two additional hybrids added. The set has a newer version of the face-sole technology found in the company's D200 irons. The lower part of the face, leading edge and front of the sole are thinned to similar thicknesses to create more ball speed.
Specs: 7-iron: 31 degrees; PW: 43 degrees
Price: Set of eight/graphite: $700
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Player Comments
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    They hide the help well: It has a game-improvement-iron look at address.
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    Fat shots got plenty of air time.