Honma Beres IS-06
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Honma Beres IS-06 Review

Honma Beres IS-06
Honma Beres IS-06
Honma Beres IS-06
Honma Beres IS-06
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The Verdict: Honma has a reputation for being a premium brand. Sometimes lost in that is its expertise in helping slower swingers. A new head design has a forged body with a zippy maraging-steel face that wraps around the sole to foster ball speed. In the 4- through 8-irons, three slits near the sole and face enhance spring on mis-hits. In the 9-iron through sand wedge, better control is achieved by using maraging steel that doesn't wrap into the sole. A new 50-gram lightweight shaft is something the speed-challenged will appreciate.
Loft: 7-iron: 28.5 degrees; PW: 41.5 degrees
Street Price: Set of six/graphite: $3,060
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Player Comments
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    The slots in the sole area make you feel like there's something going on down there.
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    Huge distance and pop. Nearly hit the net at the back end of the range with a 7-iron.